2021 East 20th Street

Bobby Harrison Way

Erie, Pa. 16510

A Message from the President and Executive Director

84-year old Eloise desperately wanted to remain in her little apartment, but isolated and alone, she didn’t eat well and became depressed.  She failed to thrive.  Her son brought his mom to the JFK Center. Today, Eloise takes the LIFT to the JFK.  She enjoys a hot, home cooked meal with new and old friends. 

         8-years old Christian doesn’t go home after school because his parents work. Christian walks from school to the JFK every day.  On a typical day, Christian enjoys a quick snack, gets help with his homework, searches for reptiles online in the the JFK’s computer lab, eats a wholesome supper, and plays dodge ball before reluctantly going home at 7:00pm just when his big brother comes in to participate in the JFK Teen Council.


        We have always known that the JFK makes a difference in the lives of seniors and children we serve.  Every day we watch clients struggle.  Although some fail, many more succeed. Our hope is that each senior will continue to live an active life in their own home and that each child will thrive long after they leave the JFK Center.


         The past few years has been spent on learning how to make our issues news, promote what we do, tell our success stories in innovative ways, and strengthen our evaluation systems.  We promise that our years of learning is going to pay off in increased capacity to better tell our story and more effectively show the difference we make in the lives of our clients.